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I started this blog because once, not that long ago (okay, a while ago…) I was just like so many people, planning a trip to Hong Kong and not having a clue how anything worked or what to do. I was lucky that I got to make several trips to Hong Kong over a few years, and got to understand the city better and better. In fact, I loved it so much that I relocated here with my family and I really enjoy being here.

So one part of this site is about tips and things you will want to know that will make your trip more enjoyable, and another part is about whatever current tourist attraction type things I come across, or important information, or whatever else I come up with about Hong Kong. This place is amazing, a mix and match set of cultures, ideals, ideas, all jammed into a space smaller that New York City and with a similar population, in a sub tropical weather stream that makes Hong Kong all but ideal. So please, if you can, bookmark this site, add it to your feed reader, follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, whatever it is you want to do, because I may not be perfect, and I am not always be right, but I assume you that you will learn something about Hong Kong and will enjoy your trip more as a result!

note, I started this blog in 2013, keep an eye on the dates and such of the posts or last update, because that is when the information on those pages are current to. Also, I am human and not perfect, and while the information presented here is to the best of my ability (and check by others for me) sometimes things do slip through. If you see something not right or think something needs updating, add a comment on that post. I love to hear your feedback!

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Information on this site is provided as is and where is with no guarantees to accuracy, timeliness, or correctness. This site is opinion and “best of our knowledge stuff, based on experiences and information we can find both locally in Hong Kong and online. Your mileage may vary, please reconfirm information with the companies or providers in question to assure that you have the best visit possible.

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